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S.L. 設計且歌且行





To me, designing is not just creation, but is the process of speculation and the practice of reflecting the inner heart outside. When facing a design, I take it very seriously and I am devoted. After experiencing each and every relentless effort, they became my guide towards art philosophy and the accumulation of vital energy.

The achievement during the phased designing process comes from the endless continuation of self-enrichment, and is always simmering……Through the inspiration of life experience and professional knowledge, obscurity impels the unlimited speculative attitude of rationality and irrationality, in which they unveil my true heart, making me unable to forget my original intention.

We allow space to become the background of the dweller by directly abandoning the visual flamboyance of materials. Thus we search for harmonious value of inheritance and innovation from our living culture, not from tumultuous crowds and not from taking any special stance.

Through the simplification of shape and the reflection of the mind, we convey the self-esteem of the essence of humanity and space. With simple colors and the correlation of penetration, transparency, coverage and reflection, we allow your body to have the realistic comprehension of space, recovering the original simplicity of dwellers, polishing the leisure and reluctant emotion towards life, enabling one to face the generous living attitude sincerely.

We demand the “impression of comprehension” during our designing. Besides what are on or off them, we emphasize the stable character of the “essence of life”, and contemplate the humble process of an “attitude of life”. We induce the value of truth indirectly through the connection of inner experience and outer environment, allowing the scope of life and the boundary of life to be expressed within the existing order.

The pleasure of designing is not what you have designed, but the essence of life that lies within the correlations of lines and planes. This is what dwellers yearn for the most. As for style, those are not that important and superior……
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